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You're Still the One

Pelican Bay Series - Book 1

You're Still the One final copy.jpg
It’s lights, camera, action when reality TV
comes to the Jersey shore.

Ten years have passed since Hurricane Samantha ravaged the small beach town of Pelican Bay. On that fateful night, Emma Erickson was part of a tragedy that changed her life. While her friends moved away after the storm, Emma gave up her dream of art school and remained on the island. When her grandmother passed away, Emma became successor to head the committee to restore the family amusement pier. Now, Emma will need to convince her friends to return, including the boy who once held a special place in her heart.

Jason Maguire hasn’t looked back since leaving the broken beach town ten years ago. After abandoning his dream of architecture school, he moved to Florida, where he and his brother started a business flipping houses. Their talent caught the eye of producers from a reality TV show, where they rose in popularity and now live the life they’ve always dreamed. When Jason returns home for a funeral, he’s forced to remember details from that night, including facing the girl he left behind. 

Now, tempted by a proposal to use his home improvement skills to restore the pier and attract new visitors to the dying beach town, he’ll need to overcome the past that’s haunted him. With the town and their hearts on the line, when the final episode is filmed, will it be enough to reunite them or prove they were never meant to be together?

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