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Forever in My Heart

Tangled Hearts - Book 2

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Redemption has its challenges
when it comes to love and family


Vicky DiFrancesco is ready to put the past behind her. After a humiliating divorce, she’s determined to make her new café a success. The last thing she needs is her first love around, reminding her of what they’d lost. But when her life is threatened, could he be the very man she needs?


Jamie DiSilva’s homecoming after retiring from the army isn’t the one he’d been hoping for. Now, he’s trying to start a home improvement business in a town settled on holding him accountable for the sins of his late brothers. Redeeming himself to the girl he never stopped loving and her family is difficult when his brothers’ secrets come back to haunt him.


Untangling themselves from the past means righting several wrongs and deciding if their love is meant to last forever.

Praise for Forever in My Heart.


"Super-hot alpha male…check. Nosy Italian family…check. Beautiful love story…check. Forever in my heart by Maria K Alexander has it all!" 

~ Book Obsessed Chicks Book Blog ~


“Great conflict, a touch of suspense, family drama and

one hot love story!”

~ Amazon reader ~


“This story just took me right in, and kept the hold

till the end…”

~ Book and Spoons Blog ~


"Forever in My Heart will stay forever in my heart! 

Ms. Alexander does a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life - they are true people - with imperfections and history.”

~ Cat’s Reviews ~



“What happened today between us can never happen again.”


“Because of your sister?”


“Because of my entire family. Kate isn’t the only member with a grudge against the DiSilva family.”


Just his bad luck.


“My parents and I have never done anything to warrant being shunned by them. Our parents were best friends.”


“That doesn’t change what your brothers did or how it’s impacted my family. It’s one thing to deal with you living in the same town. It’s another for them to accept what just happened between us.”


“What happens between us has nothing to do with your family,” he snapped. He was tired of being judged. It wasn’t like she didn’t feel something for him. He lowered his voice and cupped her cheek. “Things can be good between us, Vick. You know it.”


She held his gaze, and he felt her tremble. He leaned forward, determined to convince her to give them a chance.


Her hand shot out and stopped him from doing more than graze her lips. “Stop. Nothing good will come of this.” She rolled off the bed and kept her back to him.


“You’re choosing them over your own happiness?”


She wiped at her face before turning to him.


Despite the tears that dampened her eyes, her answer was clear from the stubborn set of her chin. “What choice do I have?”


“There’s always a choice.”


“And a price to pay. They’re my family. I pick them. I’ll always pick them.”

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